FAQ's About Insurance Claims

Will my insurance company pay for my roof to be replaced?

Yes, if there is damage caused by an act of nature such as wind or hail.

Does it matter how old my roof is?

Not as far as determining whether to pay or not, but it does affect how much the insurance company will pay if you have an actual cash value (ACV) policy.

How much do I have to pay?

This depends on your deductible and the type of policy you have. If you have a full replacement policy, your total cost would be the amount of your deductible. If you have an actual cash value (ACV) policy, the insurance company subtracts your deductible from the total amount, and then they subtract a portion for depreciation. Depending on the age of the roof. This depends on how they pay you. Some insurance companies will pay a lump sum at one time, while others will require the work to be completed before they release a final payment. If they pay a portion up front and are holding a portion back until completion, the final bill will be determined by the actual invoice not to exceed the adjusted amount.

EXAMPLE: The insurance company says it will allow $4,000.00 to replace your roof. Your deductible is $500.00. You will only receive $3,500.00 if the job costs $4,000.00. If the job costs $3,700.00, the insurance company will pay you $3,200.00 total, since your deductible is $500.00. They only owe the actual amount not to exceed the adjusted amount.

How can I avoid paying the deductible?

Legally, you can't. Of course, a roofer in collusion with a homeowner can submit falsified invoices. However, doing so is insurance fraud. Please don't ask us to do this.

Should I get several bids?

It is always prudent to get more than one bid. However, when insurance is paying for the work, the dollar amount of the bid is not very important as long as it is equal to or less than the insurance company estimate. In all such cases, you will only be paying your deductible, so your cost will be the same. Therefore, your decision should be based on going with the contractor that you feel most comfortable with and whom you feel will perform the best job.

What if your bid is greater than the insurance company's estimate?

Let us know. We can almost always work something out with the insurance company or with you by adjusting our bid to meet their allotment.

Can I get upgrades on my materials?

Yes, however, the increase in price above the insurance price is your responsibility. This is a great time for upgrades since the insurance company is responsible for the bulk of the cost. Also, if you have another storm related claim, the insurance company will put you back in the higher grade materials the second time