Roof Replacement

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home. It plays a major role and protecting people and their property from the elements. But making sure your roof is stable, watertight, and solid is essential. This requires it to be repaired regular or replaced about every 15 years or so if it has begun to fall apart. Artech Roofing project is a sound investment. If you’ve repaired your roof many times yet it’s still discolored, has leaks, and a weakened or rotted frame, it’s time to replace it.

Get Rid Of Leaks

Replacing your roof can help you get rid of the leaks that have caused you to spend money year after year on patches. It can prevent water damage to your furnishings and valuables, and make sure you and your loved ones are protected from inclement weather. With a new roof you reduce the danger of it falling under the weight of snow or being torn apart by high winds. It can also prevent rain from leaking in and rotting your home’s frame, beams, ceilings, and foundation. A new roof can also help keep termites and other insects at bay by keeping your home sealed and dry.

Take Precautions

Being on a roof will put the body in positions that are not comfortable or safe. Make sure to wear rubber sole shoes to prevent slipping. Also use a harness and always work with a buddy.

Spray the Roof

Take a garden hose and go up to the roof and start spraying in different locations to find the leak. Wait if it’s wintertime because it’s not safe to run water on the roof when it’s freezing out.

Avoid Dry Rot

Dry rot isn’t related to any type of water damage, but lack of ventilation. If a roof repair is right in the middle of the roof, there is a chance that the plywood might be deteriorating. The roof will actually sag in and cause the roof shingles to get brittle, crack and then leak. Preventing dry rot consists of installing a ridge vent, which will only work if there is a soffit vent. Holes have to be drilled through the soffit vents so cool air comes in through the bottom and pushes the hot air out through the top.

Ready To Learn More?

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When the time has come to re-shingle an existing asphalt roof, one must decide whether to remove the old shingles, or apply the new ones right over the existing layer. There is no easy, universal answer. Although each roof must be evaluated individually, there are some general guidelines to help make an informed decision.

Hail Damage Inspections

No matter the size of hail that struck the roof of your home, you could have hidden damage. All hail has the potential to cause shingle delamination and other problems, that if not addressed can cause problems with the structure and soundness of your home. You should have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company as soon as possible, as well as taking temporary repair measures to prevent further damage.

Roofing Service Brochure


A new roof is more than just shingles. When you install any GAF Lifetime Shingle and at least 3 qualifying accessories, you’ll automatically get a Lifetime ltd. warranty on your shingles and all qualifying GAF accessories.† Why settle for anything less?

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