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Quality only happens when good people work with good material and are directed by people who care about quality. We stand behind every job we do. So we are careful to use only the best materials, which make up an entire roofing system, including fiberglass reinforced felt underlayment, adequate attic ventilation, proper flashings and counter-flashings, starter shingles, moisture barriers in all valleys, ridge cap shingles (not cut up 3-tabs), and quality shingles

We explain in detail all aspects of the job and the exact price before we begin. All job sites are cleaned daily.


Green construction refers to a structure and using process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle.

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With over thirty years of experience in residential renovation design and over 16,000 renovation plans delivered to this day.

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Homeowners can have confidence in their choice of a metal roofing contractor knowing they have met certain requirements in their services.

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